At Bouquet, we know that our job is not done when our fruit and vegetables reach the market. We are committed to encouraging healthy eating habits in society, and especially amongst children.

In Spain, nearly 19% of children are overweight and around 9% are obese. These figures have tripled in the last 20 years, with the health risks that this implies. That’s why at Bouquet we have been hard at work for years to become part of the solution.

We work hand-in-hand with:

  • We are members of their management bodies and we support the programmes they run to encourage healthy eating.
  • We give out fresh-cut fruit in schools, in conjunction with regional ministries.
  • We have taken our fruit to the world of sport, sponsoring races and other sporting events for adults and children.

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Cultivar la alimentación saludable en los niños, es cultivar futuro.

Growing healthy eating in children is growing the future 

Society as a whole needs to be involved in ensuring children’s behaviour and routines include healthy eating habits. To achieve this, we are working to develop new strategies in conjunction with parents, teachers, industry experts, fruit shops, etc. to find new ideas that help us to remedy the current situation.