For the last 40 years, customers, cooperatives, farmers, employees, suppliers and consumers have worked together in over 70 countries to grow a company which, above everything else, looks after people.

One of the cornerstones of our CSR is to create social economy projects that improve the wellbeing of the 30,000 Spanish farmers that belong to our member cooperatives.

Together with its member cooperatives, Anecoop and Bouquet help to prevent the rural population from moving to urban areas. 

  • People are a priority in our day-to-day business and our social principles predominate over economic considerations. We apply distributive justice among all our different member cooperatives.
  • We help our farmers to add innovation to the production equation, thus encouraging them to grow fruit and vegetable varieties that are more in tune with current market requirements.
  • We are aware of the importance of being up-to-date in all our processes, and thus provide continuous training for our farmers and employees.
  • We cooperate in integrated rural development programmes, under the umbrella of the Asces Group, to ensure a future for rural areas.
  • We have created a solidarity fund through which we provide economic support for over 15 NGOs and charity projects both in Spain and abroad.

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